New Inuyasha Anime Announced


With the long and glorious history of the manga serialisation having recently drawn to a close, Inuyasha fans may have been lamenting the demise of the long running series; this may have been premature, as now we have news of a new anime production, though only a short one.

The new Inuyasha anime title, the first in four years, will be called 黒い鉄砕牙 / Kuroi Tessaiga, and looks set to be an OAV/OAD. However, the title is only to be a single 30 minute episode, so we will have to wait and see if more will be forthcoming.

The source doesn’t give anything away, but my suspicion is that this new anime production may go further than a single episode, although only time will tell. Certainly it seems a little unusual to just produce a half hour anime episode out of the blue?

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