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Shizuku 3D CG AV


An unusual 3D rendered CG adult doujin soft title (actually it’s a movie packaged as an exe for some tiresome reason) comes to my attention: 雫~SHIZUKU~ offers a standard selection of AV scenes with the novelty of being realistically rendered in 3D computer generated graphics.




The graphics are reasonably good for prerendered 3D.

You can see a short demo here (decompress and run). Full thing is available for download on a variety of sites for ¥1,800 or so. Probably elsewhere too.

Whilst it’s nice to see some moderately skilful CG doujin soft, I can’t help but think this combines the most execrable aspects of JAV with the limitations of being a prerendered movie (it combines the worst of both worlds).

Still, interesting to see such a product; pray that AV companies do not pick up on the possibilities of hiring a bunch of Korean CG artists instead of shelling out on “actresses”. Tip off via Moeyo.

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