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Lady Teacher’s Student Love Triangle Ends in Murder


A lady teacher (45) engaged in a steamy tryst with not just one, but two of her male pupils, and so taken with her was one that he stabbed the other to death, we hear.

The high school boys were both engaged in sexual relations with their homeroom teacher, and one of the boys subsequently did away with the other, so as to enjoy a monopoly on her affections, apparently admitting as much. The boy’s trial started in February, and apparently the lady at the heart of the affair is conspicuous by her absence.

The teacher in question has been the subject of no small opprobrium, and was soon stripped of her teaching qualifications and struck from the Party register.

Chinese authorities are leaping to deal with an absence of regulations in this area, as currently it is quite legal (if frowned upon) for teachers to enjoy such relations with students fifteen years of age or above.

Via Record China.

At 45, she must have been a most attractive older lady to be worth killing over, or perhaps this is a result of the dire Chinese gender imbalance?


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