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Birdy the Mighty Mangaka Furious – Young Sunday Closes


It seems the treatment meted out to lowly mangaka by the high hand of magazine management continues to know no bounds; now we hear that Young Sunday (relatively famous for Patlabor, Tetsuwan Birdy, etc.) has opted to cease publication (temporarily is what they say, but this may just be a way of softening the impact) due to financial difficulties, and has left its serialised mangaka in the lurch.

“Frankly, I’m really furious about this” (actually this could be translated more colourfully): in particular, 鉄腕バーディー / Tetsuwan Birdy (Birdy the Mighty, currently enjoying popularity with an anime) mangaka ゆうきまさみ / Yuuki Masami makes plenty of noise on his homepage, complaining stridently about the abruptness of the decision (he claims to have been informed but eight weeks ago) and the apparent lack of any assistance from the magazine towards mangaka whose publications are now stricken. He seems rather angry.

It appears the various titles (admittedly many none too well known) now without a publisher will have to find their own publisher now.

He states that he heard about financial problems a year ago, though examining the circulation statistics published earlier seems to reveal that they have a rather healthy circulation, of several hundred thousand no less; however, looking at the Wiki article suggests their titles have not had much notable success (few anime, etc, resulting from them).

Via Oricon.

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