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14-Year-Old Girl Stabs Two in Copycat Knife Rampage


A middle school girl (14) stabbed two people, a man (26) and a women (25), in a random act of violence clearly inspired by the grand Akiba stabber himself; true to the pattern, she gave advance notice of her deranged intent by way of a mobile phone bulletin board, with the unambiguous warning “I’ll kill people”.

Her crime took place at one of the Kyoto stations she specified in her warning. She was soon taken into custody and charged with assault and weapon possession. Fortunately, her victims suffered only light wounds.

The statement she gave as to why she acted perhaps hints at some underlying mental disturbance: “I thought I’d change the world which injures so many people”. By injuring some more people?

The latest in a string of copycat crimes – clearly the memetic propagation of these criminal actions is a very real danger and the police act wisely in severity. I am reminded of the events of Stand Alone Complex, somehow; let these sordid crimes now be tagged Stab Alone Complex.

Via the Kyoto Shimbun.

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  • To be quite fair the copy cats aren’t that clever. I mean the original did he basicly because he hated the world. But when kid (Who has not/cant experienced all the world and all it has to offer) does it, it seems that being a copycat aint the objective here. The first killer merely brought the thought of hating the world (Which to be fair a moderate amount of people do) to the surface for some people.

    And linking other peoples hate for the world will merely bring thought of the originals intent and it will bring him to the surface again making more people realise. Just because they do the same thing doesnt mean the copied. Thus linking it will bring for more and merely create more problems then it will solve

  • “I thought I’d change the world which injures so many people”. By injuring some more people?” <- Hah!

    But it’s just plain bad news that more and more people are following violent trends that hurt others. Sort of reminds me of the whole Mt. Fuji suicide trend. :/