Mangaka, Industry Demand Free Cake


Though it would appear to be a dead letter for the time being, the Japanese government’s attempted encroachment on artistic freedom of expression has not been forgotten; the campaign opposing criminalisation of artistic depictions of sexual activity involving younger participants (hereafter, delicious cake) has been gathering momentum, and can now boast a substantial list of names affirming their support for the cause, in the form of a lengthy petition.

Names included cover a surprisingly broad spectrum, from academics to a “revolutionary”, but most notable are the many printing companies, members of the Comiket organising committee (who have also been ensuring there will be a platform for the group at Comiket), and of course mangaka lending their support; these are not just limited to artists of the adult variety either.

The full list is long, and yet growing (the only artists there to really immediately catch my eye were ひねもすのたり / Hinemosunotari and 完顔阿骨打 / Wanyan Aguda, though there are certainly other notables), so I will not bore you with it; by all means check the site for further details of this and of the wider campaign to ensure the masses have ready access to delicious cake.

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