A Certain Magical Index – Air Details


Magical nun action is not far off; とある魔術の禁書目録 /  A Certain Magical Index, whose anime adaptation was announced earlier, is due to air in October, and details of the cast have also emerged. The most notable among them appear to be 佐藤利奈 / Rina Sato (Minamike, Bamboo Blade, Gurren Lagann),and 伊藤静 / Shizuka Ito (Negima, Gurren Lagann, TEXHNOLYZE), though it seems the leads go to lesser known seiyuu: (井口裕香 / Yuka Iguchi (underclassman C in Ghost Hound) gets the role of Index, the soon-to-be moe icon of the titles.

The title is fast developing into a media empire, with the original light novels now numbering sixteen, along with drama CD and manga works also out. Possibly the next Zero no Tsukaima?

Via Ota-suke.

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