Seiyuu Stabber: Nana Mizuki’s Would-be Killer Foiled


Famed seiyuu and singer 水樹奈々 / Nana Mizuki, as well as her legion of adoring fans, have been the subject of a devilish murder plot, another copycat of the arch-stabber, we are told.

A wicked 21-year-old part-time newspaper salesman hatched his scheme to turn her live event into a bloodbath and decided to post it to noted den of iniquity 2ch, using his mobile, where he fulminated:

“Relax you guys. I’ll get a dagger and a 2-ton truck and butcher the lot of you, Nana Mizuki, fans and all!”

Upon his arrest he explained his crime: “I wanted to see how people would react to this kind of post”. Well, now he knows.

Police could find no 2-ton trucks or evil Dragon Quest blades in the vicinity, though they are investigating to see if they can get him on any other charges, and are even considering the possibility that his bloodthirsty threat was in fact intended to get a rise, rather than as a serious plot on dear Ms Mizuki’s precious life – but when a seiyuu’s life is threatened, clearly no amount of caution is too much, and this is unfortunately not the first time she has attracted unwelcome attention.

Via Nikkan.

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