Eroge vs Light Novel Anime Adaptations


One of the characteristics of anime is the high propensity for titles to be converted from one medium to another; this trend has been especially notable in recent years with a flood of eroge and light novel adaptations to anime. But what of the actual numbers, and the relative comparison? Easily answered, it would seem.


On the left is the number of eroge/light novel conversions, and eroge are represented by the blue line, with light novels in red. The yellow line, and corresponding numbers on the right indicate the total number of anime titles produced each year.

The results are a little surprising; I might have expected light novels to display a strong lead, since their sales are generally higher, but it seems that the visual novel is more than capable of holding its own. Another fact revealed is how healthy the anime production business is – an unambiguous trend is evident for an increase in the number of titles produced annually.

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