How to Buy a Japanese Girl – Cheap (and Real)


The funeral pyre of Mainichi rag WaiWai has blazed into a general conflagration of infernal proportions, with the spectres of innumerable lawsuits for slander and calumny eagerly circling it, and the latest pick of their dubious articles will not see the heat abate any time soon – all 2ch is gleefully heaping fuel onto the fire, so here is the latest article of controversy.

On to the matter at hand, how to bed a “lolita”, without being scammed, according to the presumably experienced lechers at WaiWai (since the publication is defunct and in English, the entire article can simply be reproduced verbatim, really most convenient):

Large numbers of Japanese men are falling victim to scams perpetrated by young women pretending to be turning tricks, but it doesn’t have to be that way, according to Spa! (1/22).

Of course, the best way for men to avoid falling into a trap is to avoid falling in with schoolgirls or other women engaging in the practice of enjo kosai – the term translating literally as “compensated dating” that acts as a euphemism for prostitution.

But the men’s weekly says that for guys who simply can’t help themselves, there are plenty of steps that can be taken to make sure they stay safe.

“If you just want to have sex — as opposed to deliberately looking for a young girl to give it to you — avoid the underaged. Anybody advertising their services on a major matchmaking site with the claim that they’re 18 or 19 is almost certainly under age,” a man identified only as Mr. I, a self-professed expert on using young hookers, tells Spa! “And watch out for those who use a lot of picture characters and smileys in their e-mail, because that’s almost the lingua franca among teens. Make sure you insist she tells her your age and get her to mail you a message stating that she’s over 18. Guard that mail with your life.”

Mr. I argues that appearances are also an important area where men can defend themselves.

“Girls dressed flamboyantly in really gaudy outfits should put your mind at ease when it comes to the underaged,” he says. “The biggest fear for minors on the game is getting picked up by the cops, so they won’t do anything with their appearance that makes them stand out in a crowd.”

And Mr. I also emphasizes the importance of thorough preparation.

“To make sure you don’t get conned by a girl with a scam, make sure you arrive at any meeting place well ahead of the scheduled time. You can use the extra time to work out whether the girl is underage. If she is still a minor, she’ll often turn up nearby with a group of friends who’ll hang out close by and wait for her to finish. If she’s on the con, there may be a guy in the vicinity, too,” Mr. I says. “Before meeting her, find a hiding spot and check out whether she’s your type and what she’s doing. Also get a feel for the area and work out an escape route, just in case. Con artists often hang out in groups in family restaurants or convenience stores, so check out these places to see if there’s anything suspicious. If you go into a hotel, make sure you enter separately and preferably leave by a different exit to her when she’s finished (to avoid being waylaid by stand over merchants). If you get there by car, park some distance away so she can’t learn the license number and use it against you.”

The men’s weekly says Mr. I has learned the hard way about how men can protect themselves — his past includes an arrest for using an underage sex worker and several instances where women selling sex have ended up pulling a scam on him. His advice if a girl still tries to blackmail a punter who has gone through all his defensive steps but falters at the last hurdle?

“Go to the cops, tell them you’ve used an underage prostitute and say she’s trying to blackmail you. If you own up immediately, you’ll get fined, but there’s no reason why they’ll ever tell your family or your company about it and nobody needs to know,” Mr. I tells Spa! “It’s not the same as being investigated by the police, but if you are gonna lie, make sure you tell them you thought she was a high school girl and not someone from junior high.” (By Ryann Connell)

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