1¢ Cola at Amazon – Hundreds Delivered


Amazon has recently been selling this Coca Cola (alas you are too late to partake) for the princely sum of ¥1 per can; it is genuine (if “No Calorie” can be called this), comes in 350ml cans and otherwise appears not to be some Chinese chemical effluent – the only disadvantage to buying (apart from the taste) is the lady’s picture with which the can is emblazoned. Buy only 1500 cans and you can get free shipping!



The Coke was supposed to be limited to one can per customer, but clever use of a macro and some patience enabled the 1 order per 30 seconds limit to be circumvented, resulting in this (if you wondering about S&H, subscribing to Amazon Prime makes it free):


One commenter says this, whether credibly or not must be left to the reader’s judgement:

“There was a phone call from the delivery company (Yamato), ‘There are 29 boxes for you from Amazon but…’”

“I totally forgot about it and I didn’t realise what they were saying; when I remembered I smiled bitterly. Signing for them all was a hassle.”

“By the way, the contents were all in there – cooling them now”.

Somebody else managed to order 220, they say; inflation soon set in.


The claims of 500 boxes of the stuff are hard to swallow (certainly fatal in a literal sense), but the first images presented above are believable enough. As for below… Hard to say?




See a rip of the thread. And the taste? “Ultra-normal”.


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