Classes Rendered Pantsless by Pantsu Robber


A class of third year elementary school girls had an unwelcome surprise when they returned from their swimming in the school pool, only to discover a thief had made off with their pants, with all 14 pairs unaccounted for, along with socks, shirts and other items of apparel. The changing rooms had apparently been left unlocked, and the door unattended. We do not hear whether the girls went nopan for the rest of the day.

The infamy does not end there; only the day before a similar incident occurred in which 18 elementary schoolers lost their school mizugi, stolen from lockers at the school in the dead of night. Police are investigating a possible connection, since the 400km distance between the sites (Shiga and Yamanashi) would doubtless prove no impediment to the determined pantsu thief.

Via Nikkan & Sankei.

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