White Swimwear for the Discerning Schoolgirl


モエマックス / Moe X magazine is earnestly soliciting customers for this white school mizugi, at the rather steep price point of ¥6,800-¥9,800 – I seem to remember seeing similar offered for ¥399, though not in white, and not including any famous illustrator’s (うるし原智志 / Satoshi Urushihara) work for the sake of pretext.

They are offering them in both adult and elementary school sizes, in case you happen to be one of Moe X’s many elementary school girl readers. Comes complete with unusably good cake emblazoned towel.

I am not entirely sure what the intended use for this item is… Nor is NekoAreBlog.

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  • White mizugi are fail. But maybe one can color them, and then put one’s favourite character name on it? And dress the life-size statuette of that character with it? And then never leave the house again? And die a happy man?

    Gee, it’s good to post anonymously ^_^