Valkyria Chronicles Gashapon


These are fantastic! And only ¥300… surely essential for Valkyria Chronicles fans – only problem is that with so many characters in the game everyone is going to feel their favourites are left out: where are Selvaria, Aisha and Wendy?

Alicia frankly looks as good or better than the full figure version. Hopefully there will be plenty of figures of the rest to follow.


Rosie – amazing pose.


Poor Isara.


Eleanor Barrot. There’s a version without the glasses.


Thinking of seeking them out… but really I can’t be bothered with the silly gambling element, or going over to Akiba to dump coins in a machine.

Photos grabbed from here; kind of him to share.

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  • When I ordered 4 units of the figures from Play-Asia, there was some confusion because about 5 dollars from the money I transferred to them went missing.

    After a few days of complaining and proving to them that I transferred sufficient amount, they somehow cleared everything up on their end and I got a notification that 4 units have been shipped as ordered.

    When I finally got the figures, I realized that I got one of each. As a bonus, the Eleanor figure I got was the secret variation (glasses off).

    In one purchase, I completed the whole set, with secret variation included and all I wanted was the Isara figure.

    Was this Play-Asia’s way of making things up?

  • All I wanted was the Alicia figure so I went to Animate and threw in coin after coin only to end up with more and more Eleanors (glass and non glass version). I must have been very unlucky so I went to Liberty’s to save me the hassle but it was the same sight. Eleanors like sand on the beach for a 150¥. Looks like a scam.