Leiji Matsumoto Exclusive Starts Online Manga for Wii


A system of digital comic distribution has been announced for WiiWare, and renowned mangaka 松本零士 / Leiji Matsumoto (or Reiji Matsumoto, famed author of such classics as Space Battleship Yamato and Galaxy Express 999) will provide an original title to get the ball rolling.

The digital manga platform is being launched by SunCorp (SunDenshi), dubbed SunSoft Books; other details are yet lacking, save that it will launch in the summer.

The new Matsumoto title seems to a major one, as we are told that there are already plans to later expand the franchise into anime, games, and similar. No details on the title either yet; their press release is rather sparing with the details.

Via Famitsu. Original press release here.

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