Girl Vandals Desecrate Cathedral


A group of six heathen Japanese junior college students visiting Florence took it upon themselves to desecrate the holiest site in the city, Brunelleschi’s crowning glory Florence Cathedal, a six hundred year old structure noted for its great dome, defacing the marble walls therein by scrawling irreverent graffiti on them in an act of brazen sacrilege.


The college in question has already apologised to the Italian embassy, and promises to discipline those teachers responsible for overseeing the execratory trip.


The heathen pack set upon the walls of the temple like their very namesake the Vandals, scrawling their names and school onto the hallowed walls with markers. The marks were discovered by another group of Japanese who informed the college; the girls commented “We were in a good mood so we wrote those things.”

The college prostrated itself before the great church, offering to pay for the repairs, but the munificent church only replied in Christian forgiveness: “After accepting your apologies we won’t ask you to take responsibility, there is no need to take your money.” Via Yomiuri.

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