Diet Beer & Canned Cocktail – Brewers Desperate

Diet Beer & Canned Cocktail – Brewers Target Female Drinkers

Japanese beer makers have been stung by a reduction in consumption of their products amongst young women, and are now scrambling to recapture the market with “innovative” products oriented towards the female demographic. The results are disheartening, but amusing.

First up we have an effort by giant brewer Kirin to persuade young ladies that alcoholic intemperance is fun after all, with colourfully branded “Two Dogs Cocktail”, canned cocktail available in garish pink (orange and grape) or green (grapefruit), selling for ¥150.


Next we have “Diet” beer from another mega-brewer, Suntory; clearly this is targeted at those with concern over their weight, again at the ¥150 price point.


Both of these products were developed by women, so there is little excuse for their rather stereotyped design and conception. Next up, Hello Kitty Diet Beer? Disturbingly, this may not be far from the mark.
Via Business-i.

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