Daughter Gives Onanistic Present for Father’s Day

Daughter Gives Onanistic Present for Father\'s Day - Tenga Dutch Wife/\

A lucky (?) father appears to have received an unusual gift for Father’s Day, in the form of the deluxe Tenga set including every product in the expansive range of onanist accessories, given by his Tenga employee daughter.

The father for his part apparently had never laid eyes on the leading (only) “men’s health accessory” (or what might uncharitably be described as a Dutch wife disguised as a can of deodorant), and may have had to have certain matters explained to him.

“What kind of expression should I make in response to such a gift…”

I will spare you a translation of the sordid exchange which follows. Actually, I won’t.

Shameless Tenga shill/daughter: “They’re not just good to look at, they also have great functionality! This bit is soft and you can get a good grip on it, it’s quite stimulating.”

Disgusted papa: “Really? And this bellows thing is?”

Shameless Tenga shill/daughter: “The bellows makes the end turn around.”

Disgusted papa: “Really? It’s well made isn’t it?”

Shameless Tenga shill/daughter: “There’s gel inside which takes on various shapes… and with this part you can adjust the vacuum power.”

Disgusted papa: “Amazing!”

Tenga marketing is a shrewdly operated affair.

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