Lady Stabber Strikes Three at Station

Lady Stabber Strikes Three at Osaka Station

In a bizarre crime of random violence, three women were cut by an as yet unapprehended female assailant at an Osaka station, in a crime with an ominous resonance with the Akihabara incident.

Fortunately, in this case the wounded, three female station goers of various ages, suffered only light cuts (if a 12cm slash wound can be considered light), oddly in each case to their left arms. The attacks took place over several minutes and in several places around the station – naturally at this stage the motive for these strangely selective crimes is unknown.

Their assailant escaped from the scene carrying her weapon, though was apparently captured on CCTV; police fear reoffense, and have launched a womanhunt. Via Asahi.

Expect her to turn out to be a fujoshi…

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