$50 for 5 – Housewife Arrested Over Nude Photos

$50 for 5 – Housewife Arrested Over Nude Photos

A housewife (25) was arrested on suspicion of attempting to sell five obscene pictures of herself, soliciting customers via online forums, we hear. She apparently committed the grievous act of saving five naked photographs of herself onto her memory card, taken with her mobile, and these were seized upon her arrest. She was offering them for ¥5,000 for 5, certainly a high price, but criminally high?

“There were some clothes I wanted, so I needed some pocket money.” The housewife apparently had quite the entrepreneurial streak, earning ¥10 million with sales to a hundred customers over three years; not a bad haul.

Police are currently analysing the seized memory cards for signs of videos, tissues close to hand no doubt. Via Asahi. Alas, the pictures in question have not yet surfaced…

Why on earth was she arrested for this? It seems Japanese porn companies, to say nothing of prostitutes, can get away with rather a lot more…

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