Teacher Loses Finger to Pupil

Teacher Loses Finger to Pupil - illustration by Otaku Beam

A lady teacher who scolded some pupils not in class lost her index finger when one of the boys ran off, slamming the door on her finger and severing it. The boy was subsequently given a stern talking to for defingering the teacher, the local Board of Education tells us, saying “it wasn’t a deliberate effort on his part to injure her, but he should’ve realised an accident was likely; he’s been given an oral warning”.

There was however a happy side to the affair: the teacher was a PE teacher. Perhaps this explains the Board’s in this case justifiably lenient response.

The PE teacher (and therefore hardly worthy of sympathy) in question sought to reprimand the boys, who were playing on an emergency stairway landing, for not being in class as lunch break was almost over, and the boys did not take kindly to this; when she went to enter, the boy in question boldly rebuked her back, saying “Get lost you old crone!”, and heartily slammed the door shut as he ran off: in doing so he managed to sever one of her fingers, and hospitalised her.

As if to mar an otherwise amusing tale, we hear that a student was so traumatised on seeing the teacher get her just desserts, that the school had to bring in a dispatch counsellor to deal with them. This via Sponichi.

I suppose it makes a change from pupils being sexually oppressed by teachers. I still prefer the eroge version.

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