Bridal Planner Kidnaps Girl for use as One Night Bride


A lady (35), calling herself a “bridal planner”, has been arrested for beating a homeless girl into submission, and then confining her in her house and then starting to gather johns to rent the girl out to. The lady has been arrested on suspicion of assault and violations of child welfare laws. The age of the girl is not given, but given the charges she was obviously a minor.

She apparently came across the girl some months ago, and with violence and threats of “You can either die here or cut your hair and come with me”, she cropped the girl’s hair, and then later would go so far as to confine the girl in her residence, where she ordered the girl to gather customers for herself using a dating site; we do not hear how far these matters proceeded.

The lady was apparently famous in the area for sheltering runaway children, with it being said “If you go there, you’ll be able to eat”… It does sound as if she may have been running a business on this basis for some time. Via ZakZak.

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