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Being something of a fan of 鋼の錬金術師 / Full Metal Alchemist, I couldn’t help but have my eye caught by this massive limited edition 28 disc box set; it contains the full 51 episodes on DVD, a Blu-Ray version of the FMA film Conqueror of Shamballa, the Premium Collection OVA (didn’t even know there was an OVA) and a special feature disc, for a total of 20 AV DVDs, and has a further 8 music CDs.

Naturally the entire thing is lavishly presented with extra art, goods, etc. The only thing they’ve missed are the games and drama CDs, and of course the manga side of things.

The set is due to go on sale at the end of January, with a reservation required to get a set, closing at the end of September. The only thing as eye opening as the size of this set is the price – ¥65,000 list, although it can be had online for much cheaper. Personally, I will stick to reading the excellent manga…

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