Governor Calls for More Child Spanking


“Can’t we institute the rule of the fist here in Miyazaki prefecture?” With these words the prefectural governor made a call for the reinstitution of corporal punishment in schools, long abolished. “What’s to become of the position of school teachers now they can’t even mete out corporal punishment? Can’t we at least permit the loving rod, that surely deserves no punishment?”

Translating his words is a little fraught as the word he uses can mean rod, crop, whip, stick, lash, etc, none of which really sound too wholesome in this context, but I suppose that is as well.

Finally, a Member of the prefectural assembly has this to add: “In the past, we were all taught with the fist”, and he too goes on to advocate some child spanking, delighting the governor. It is probably not in good taste to mention where this kind of thinking led in the last century. Via Nikkan Sports.

Considering what some Japanese teachers get up to I would be leery about letting them get their jollies beating their charges, but I suppose this may just be posturing by the governor.

I have no idea why Japanese politicians have been obsessing so much lately over children and their supposed vices – there isn’t even an election on. Suggestions?

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