Crazed Canadian Invades Yakuza HQ


A Canadian “journalist”, Benjamin Fulford, bearing a grudge against a leading international crime syndicate, the Yamaguchi-gumi, picketed them in the very lion’s den of their Kobe headquarters, where he harangued them with a bullhorn: “Why are you trying to kill me?”

For their part, the syndicate wisely opted to completely ignore his antics, and after half an hour he got bored and went home. The huge police presence, with more than 30 officers present to head off any possible trouble, probably also helped ensure the quiet (save for his noisy performance). Police called his “protest” unprecedented.

A housewife in the area commented: “There were cops on every corner, it was all so overblown. I couldn’t really make out what he was saying, his mike was too noisy. The yakuza members around here always greet me, and they keep the area around the HQ clean. There’s never been anything like this before…”

I should draw your attention to one aspect of the incident which the reports conveniently fail to mention: a brief perusal of his website reveals his political leanings are rather controversial (“Anti-Semitism is anti-Satanism”, “So-called Economics is a Rockefeller con-job”, “How the Celtic peoples were enslaved by Babylonian tyrants”, etc. ad nauseam, as well as plenty of “9/11 Truth” links) and that in all probability he is nothing more than a demented crank nursing a huge persecution complex, and hankering after attention.

In this interpretation we should not so much be impressed at his bravery in confronting the syndicate (not that his motives appear anything but personal), but rather pity this deluded crackpot for his evident lack of sense.

Original report from ZakZak; however, ZakZak offers a rather incomplete interpretation of events (they missed out the bit where he accused the Yakuza of being CIA/Mossad assassins, for example).

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