Berserk 1:1 215cm Dragon Slayer Sword


Behold a most impressive 1:1 limited edition replica of Gattsu’s enormous zweihander: Dragon Slayer. The model great sword is 215cm long, and 40cm wide at the widest point, weighing in at 4kg, due to a lightweight fibreglass reinforced plastic construction, though as you can see the finish is a rather realistic emulation of dark, tempered steel. It cost ¥58,000, though the owner is too modest to say so.


Even as a great fan of Berserk and Kentaro Miura, I think I’d be at a loss as to what to do with such an enormous thing… sure to look impressive wherever he displays it. He actually has another smaller replica too.


The lucky owner’s site is here, and the maker’s site is here: Tuned Blade. Photos mirrored below.


I can’t help but harbour some curiosity as to how much this would weigh if made from steel… a lot is my guess. Perhaps it has a hollow core?





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