Sankaku Channel – Image Board


Having long been an admirer of chan style image boards, I have proceeded with the addition of Sankaku Channel (or SanChan, as I may yet resort to calling it), which should hopefully add to the utility of the site, particularly once I have had the chance to implement some interesting features. For the time being, I expect to have to prime the pump and post plenty of images, though I eagerly anticpate the contributions of users.

I had actually been thinking of adding such functionality for a while, but seeing the fine job done at image board site integration done at FerriCorp, and some of the interesting functionality on offer with such boards as Waren, spurred me to action.

A few words on the image board are in order. Several boards have been implemented for the sake of good navigation, and more will be added as the need arises. The split of the boards should be straightforward enough; real and drawn content are kept in separate boards, and there is also some gradation in explicitness. A discussion board is also in place.

Regarding the issue of content of a more risqué bent, since it would be untoward to direct people onto a board full of notably interesting content without them being aware of the fact, the navigation links on the main page elements only lead to the front page of the board, which should give anyone more than adequate warning.

However, since I would actually like for people to be able to readily get to the boards, a full listing of the boards is placed on the sidebar if you have unhidden the mature content elsewhere on the site, so you can navigate directly to them from anywhere on the site – I trust this is a reasonable compromise between navigability and ensuring users can refrain from viewing such content should they so desire.

Please pay a visit and contribute some images!

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