Princess Moe – Imperial Princess Promoted to Idol


Mako Akishino (16), or 秋篠宮眞子内親王 as she is pretentiously styled, a princess of the Imperial House, has recently ascended from the levels of mere aristocracy to become something of an idol in her own right; of course, the organisation which runs the Imperial family, the Imperial Household Agency, doesn’t seem to like this one bit (although in fairness there does not appear to be much they do like apart from male heirs).

The famous moe video digest of the princess in 2D splendour, replete with patriotic (and some distinctly sarcastic) slogans. A major hit on Nico last year, and probably the cause of her promotion to idol status.
And here she is ogling some African wildlife in stereotypical tourist fashion, looking rather less impressive, though still at least better than she did in her younger days.

There is a recent report that the Imperial Household Agency is in fact nonplussed: “There are times when we have to warn any who slander or insult the Imperial House…” But then we hear in response to the above video: “We can’t really say anything… it doesn’t seem there’s any defamation going on.” He must not have been watching the above vidoe too closely. Her ascent to idol status must be a vexing development for them.

From her time in middle school, and now into her high school years, her popularity has grown on the net, aided particularly by lavish media coverage of her in various school uniforms, which naturally garners a particular response.

The main store of the images is here (currently suffering a traffic onslaught and so has become rather unresponsive).



Some more pictures. Unfortunately, no one yet seems to have gotten her into a swimsuit…


The original version of the photo above, without the moe accessories.


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