Stabber Copycats Emerge

74128b36ba7f4bb50d1dab734e4ec7dc Firstly, a girl (17), who posted messages to a bulletin board stating that she would perpetrate a massacre at a local train station which would put the recent Akiba rampage to shame, has been charged with a misdemeanour. She claimed she did it as a prank. Secondly, a man (35) has been charged with menacing the manager of a singer (奥井亜紀 / Aki Okui) with threats, allegedly saying “I’m in the same straits as he was, I’ve enough motivation to do it”. His grievances seem to stem from such decidedly stalkerish complaints as receiving his tickets less promptly than other fan club members.

The recent tightening of the police presence in Akiba may not be such an overreaction after all. It is unfortunate perhaps that the would be stabbers were unknown to one another – otherwise perhaps they could have met up and stabbed each other…

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