Armpit Sniffer Gets 14 Years


A man (36) who serially sniffed the armpits of 23 women and girls, ranging from 9 to 50, has been sentenced to 14 years of penal servitude, as well as a good caning, harsh even by the standards of order loving Singapore.

The man apparently committed his crimes by drawing close to his victims in such confined spaces as elevators, and then molesting his unfortunate prey with his olfactory assault. He even broke into a woman’s empty domicile to pursue his fetish, and was identified as the culprit by way of incautious emissions left at the scene.

The harshness of the 14 year prison term is apparently down to his prior sex and drug related convictions, as well as a perceived high likelihood of fetishistic recidivism. Via here, brief English story here.

Had he the wit to commit his crimes in Japan, he would surely be a school principal by now.


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