Virgin Stabber’s Boasts of Member Troubles

Akihabara stabber Tomohiro Kato’s arrest

“I’m boasting, but I’m a virgin, small, and have phimosis (and full phimosis at that)”. The ongoing efforts of the media to pin the blame for Akiba stabber Tomohiro Kato’s rampage on his otaku interests, as well as the efforts of 2ch to pin the blame on Toyota’s temp downsizing, have both taken a blow with the revelations about the man’s character emerging from a detailed dissection of the thousands of posts he made to various sites over the past year. They depict rather strongly a man obssessed with his own isolation and sexual insecurity.

The content of his rambling monologues on various sites reveals a man unhappily trapped in an inadequacy complex, and most notably a man whose instabilities revolve around sexual and social inadequacies, with endless remarks alternately bitterly praising his own virginity, “Virginity forever”, and cursing his inability to find a female companion. From his perspective at least, the entirety of his crimes seem to stem from sexual and romantic inadequacy.

From the pathetically lonesome “I want to love someone to the utmost… I want proof of love” and “The only guy in the world without a girlfriend is me” a few weeks before his spree, to the transparently sinister “The thing I’d like to do, is kill – I’ll be on all the shows”, “I have no girlfriend; that’s the cause of it all”, “I’m going to become an actor, a great player”…

What’s more, the posts reveal the full development of his murderous intent, with the details of his plan being laid bare some time before he brought it to fruition.

Examples such as those given here are collected in great numbers elsewhere, and they make a depressingly repetitive read.

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