Akiba Stabber Mrs Wide Open Fan, Wide Open Delighted


Mrs Wide Open, or 沢本あすか / Asuka Sawamoto as she likes to call herself, “22-year-old” exposure idol, scarlet lady and dabbling thief (30), has seemingly attained yet a new level of notoriety with the news that knife wielding rampaging spree killer Tomohiro Kato (25) was not only a fan of knives and anime, but also nursed some perverse fascination with her street gymnastics.

Blade maniac Kato apparently obtained photographs of the performance and was gleefully showing them to all his colleagues who did not first flee, exclaiming “This is that crazed exhibitionist woman who got busted. Check her out!”

Regarding the incident itself, Mrs Wide Open coyly replies “I don’t really want to comment out of respect for the sentiments of the bereaved and Akihabara residents”.

However, she is more forthcoming when told of her psychopathic admirer: “Really, I’m astonished! I don’t know if he was one of them [her actual words in Japanese], but if he was interested in me I would’ve wanted him to come to my events. I would have liked to show him a good time”.

If only they had met…

Via ZakZak.

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