Girl (15) Seduces Woman (38), Woman Arrested

15-Year-Old Girl Seduces 38-Year-Old Woman, Woman Arrested

A 38-year-old lady who responded to a 15-year-old female high school student’s request for companionship via a woman-only dating site has been arrested for “obscene conduct”, after taking the girl home with her, and getting to know her rather well, we are told.

She apparently knew the girl was under 18, but took her home anyway, and admits as much, saying “It’s true that I invited her in, but we didn’t get up to anything indecent”. The pair apparently met for dinner in Fukuoka, and then headed back to the lady’s domicile; for some reason the pair fell out and the girl ran out, and presumably alerted the authorities.

It would appear they may be more to this story than is currently being revealed (and I am not referring to the lamentable lack of detail over what constitutes “obscene conduct” in this case); there seems ample scope for the older party to have been the victim of a scheme or perhaps simply an extremely petulant partner. Via Sankei.

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