Flies Invade Village, Kilograms Killed to No Avail


A village has been subjected to such an intense plague of flies that even with extermination efforts killing as much as three kilograms of the insectile oppressors daily, no impact can be made on their numbers. Villagers cannot help but eat the flies as they crowd onto food, and everyday life is reduced to a daily battle against the flies, with keeping the creatures from finding their way into homes requiring every nook and cranny to be firmly stopped up.

The leaders of the village in the central highland province of Lam Dong in Vietnam report that the swarms of flies are an annual occurrence, but that this year their numbers have continued increasing where normally they would have dissipated with the rainy season.

The cause is thought to be linked to a local company failing to make efforts to destroy fly eggs whilst using guano and eggs as fertiliser in the local tea plantations. However, even after the company took steps to rectify the situation, and pesticides were liberally distributed, the plague persists. Villagers have been advised to put up nets, but as this fails to tackle the cause of the issue, the flies themselves, discount is growing… Via VietJo (Japanese).


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  • Forlourned says:

    Hey! To the English reading vietnamese who have accidently stumbled onto this site, here’s a hint in solving all your problems. It worked like a charm for the Americans and the local workers at this special little project we had in digging a route from the Pacific to the Atlantic…

    —-DDT—– or for the scientifically inclined:

    DDT kept EVERYone from dying while working there, and the bug issue didn’t “bug” the locals for DECADES.

    …Then a few tree huggin’ hippy demorat leaning human killers BANNED it as a harmful chemical to Humans (it is to laugh) and the plagues that To This DAY, still feasts on Africans across the Entire goddamn continent. BILLIONS of lives have been lost across the world because of those sanctions since DDT was banned. If you ever see a starving African child again, please remember those bastards because although they weren’t the only reason for that child’s condition. It certainly was a major contributor for it…

    If you “wiki” it, it does say that Vietnam does still use it in a limited fashion and tried Nu Techniques to conquer the mosquitoes problem, but it was poorly executed. So try it again.