100,000 Hits

100,000 Hits

Sankaku Complex once again reaches a traditional landmark in a site’s history; 100,000 hits, according to Google Analytics (actual figure is higher, but this is all arbitrary anyway).

As before, I am mainly interested in expressing gratitude towards those who have been kind enough to visit, and in a gratifying number of cases, keep visiting and contribute comments, as well as all those sites who see fit to link here. Special mention again goes to Danny-sama and Caleb-sama, and I should also now extend my gratitude to AnimeNano, Kotaku, Gia and Panther.

There has also been increasing interest in the site from various social networks; thanks to anyone who has been kind enough to Digg the articles here, or Stumble them, or bring them to the attention of such communities as Thaizad or Shoryuken. For the sake of brevity I will stop there, but of course I extend the same gratitude to the hundreds of others seeing fit to link here.

I am exploring a variety of ideas for how to improve the experience offered to users of Sankaku Complex, though for the moment increasing readership and visibility of content to potential readers probably takes precedence. Most pressing is probably listing on the Antenna, though unfortunately this is proving less straightforward than might be hoped. With luck, it will be accomplished soon. With more users I will start looking to more interesting features, and I will also at some point likely be looking to solicit additional contributors.

Hopefully, some of the recent site improvements have been of use. Most notably for users is probably the mature content toggle, which should prevent anyone from unintentionally getting an eyeful on the more risqué pages.

There is also now the Top Posts display on the left, displaying a ranking of the most popular posts – this is actually directly linked to the site’s Google Analytics account, and should assist new or irregular readers in locating items of interest, as well as ensuring everyone knows just how good the Living With Monster Girl Series is. My apologies to the remaining IE6 users – everything should now display properly, but it took some time to fix things, which is regrettable.

Lastly, thank you for visiting, and for reading this. As ever, any comments or suggestions are gratefully received, so please do not hesitate to leave any, or to send them directly to me.

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