Girl Arrested for Dumping Baby in Toilet

Japan Aviation Academy

A high school girl who may have given birth in a school toilet and then hid the baby’s corpse there has been arrested. A cleaning lady at first discovered the dead babe, placenta still attached, stuffed in a plastic bag and dumped in a closet for cleaning utensils, in an outdor toilet of the Japan Aviation Academy, apparently having been there for four or five days. Police have arrested a girl attending the school on suspicion of illegally disposing of the corpse.

Several questions remain to be resolved by the investigations to follow; since the toilet was outdoors and accessible to the public, the question of who may have dumped the corpse is by no means clear cut.

Also, it is not clear if the corpse was taken to the toilet or actually born there, and most crucially, the cause of death for the baby has not been established, though it seems the assumption is that is was stillborn, rather than subjected to an untimely death. The principal also claims no pregnant students were in attendance, so it seems a puzzling case… Via Yomiuri and Mainichi.

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