Eroge Mag Strikes Back at Crusader Democrat


The editorial staff of adult game magazine PC Angel neo have issued an official statement in response to the call for a ban on adult games, and as might be expected they are rather scathing of it, if in a rather polite and restrained way (though any other sort of statement would doubtless be to cast oil onto the flames).

The statement is couched in platitudes, and manages to say surprisingly little; here is a translation of the kernel:

“There is no basis to her reckless remarks. Bishojo games incorporating sexual representations are aimed at adults, and we do not think normal minded individuals who play them lose their humanity; we also wish to resist any restrictions on freedom of expression”.

That’s all they have to say on the matter. I can’t help but wonder what the point of making such a vacuous statement is? Would anyone think they would say anything else, even if the deranged lady had a point? Their livelihood is after all at stake.

Seeing such a statement made by a disinterested party would be rather more useful, as would seeing a statement including a credible refutation of her scaremongering (of which there have been a great many since she opened her mouth, including one made on this very site).

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