SM Club Busted Over Noise Pollution


An SM club, or “Domina School” as they call themselves, located in Shibuya has been shut down by police after area residents complained about the noise emanating from the establishment; three of the management have been arrested.

We hear that “La Siora”, a “mistress fetish club”, fell afoul of anti-sex business zoning laws, having in fact established itself in four residential apartments, and then having been the subject of complaints by neighbours over the noise generated by their dominating activites The specific offence mentioned is providing services of a sexual nature to a male client in the early hours of the morning, in their Yoyogi apartments.

This is a loss sure to be felt by Shibuya area submissives; the establishment apparently employed dozens of dominas, with monthly sales of ¥7,000,000. Rates started at ¥20,000 for 70 minutes, or ¥30,000 for two dominas. Their operation appears to be a large one, and their Shinjuku branch looks unaffected – their website even has an extensive English language section.

Via Sankei.


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