Tsundere Queen Rie Kugimiya Graces Persona 4


Famed seiyuu 釘宮理恵/Rie Kugimiya is set to voice one of the characters in Persona 4, perhaps a welcome break for her from voicing slot machines. She will voice Rise Kujikawa, an idol who returns from the big city to her hometown, the backwater country town setting of Persona 4.

See the scan below – her character is illustrated on the left, and her strange looking persona Himiko is visible to her right (mass media persona?). Whether her character is a tsundere one is not mentioned, but it hardly matters what role she is cast in when considering her skill and experience.

Another reason to get Persona 4, though the attractiveness of the title still seems marred by the excessively conservative choice of the PS2 as platform. Via Ore-teki.


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  • Well, it’s not entirely unwise to develop Persona 4 for the PS2 than the PS3. Even with rampant piracy of the PS2, sales would probably be stronger on the PS2 than the PS3. After all, the user install base for the PS2 vastly outnumbers both the PS3 and 360. There’s more people with PS2s than current-gen systems, and the PS3 should technically be able to run the game, so this is a surer bet.

    And it’s a lot less expensive to use an old engine than build a brand new engine for a seventh-generation system.

    It’s also telling that people still talk about and buy PS2 games these days. Persona especially. There’s already a built-in fanbase among PS2 owners for Persona since P3 and FES.

    Piracy is not the issue. Sales are.

  • meganeshounen says:

    So Rise’s back to her hometown, huh? I see.

    According to the information so far, she takes over the support role of a certain “bear mascot”. Thus the satellite face for her Persona. That just screams “SUPPORT PERSONA ONLY”, at least to me.

    She also seems to be one year younger than the Protagonist, so you’ll be hearing a lot of “sempai” from her… and I’m actually waiting for her tsundere outbursts in the game. 😀

  • KYPMbangi says:

    Yeah, why they still stick it to the PS2? Bad decision I’d say, cause you’ll know it will always be mass-pirated, compared to the not-yet-cracked PS3. I hope the next installment will get a platform upgrade. Including the graphics and all of that sorts.

    • kumbi kumbu says:

      already done for the japanese ps2 game, I seen it, and if my japanese was a litte better I’d already have download it, still thinking about doing so and just playing with a no spoliers guide, so far theres only a reduced spoliers guide.