Coach Mistakes 13-Year-Old Girl for Wife, Outrage Ensues…


A figure skating coach (56) who forced himself upon his female student (13) in a particularly unpleasant crime, has been arrested, and offers some distinctly unconvincing statements in his defence.

We hear that the currently unemployed former top coach had the girl, and her mother and younger sister, staying with him in preparation for training on the morrow, something she had apparently done some ten times previously.

That time however, the coach decided to sneak into the unfortunate girl’s room in the early hours of the morning, whilst her family slept, to have his way with her in a particularly vicious crime, which apparently left her injured. Done with her, he threatened her “Don’t tell a soul – your skating career is finished if you do”.

Almost a month elapsed between his alleged crime and the conclusion of investigations with his arrest. On arrest, he offered the excuse “I was drunk, I don’t remember anything”, and, amazingly, “I was sleepy and mistook her for my wife”…

Via Asahi.

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  • Like, wow… Hasn’t that been said waaaay to many times…. Oh, did he say he thought she was her wife? I’d believe that, IF his wife and his student live in the same house… But, I doubt that’s what happened…

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ve heard a lot about older men sleeping with younger females under the age of 18 and get prosecuted. I just hope the females here would step up and be more open with this so all these older guys sleeping with them can do their time too or get some sort of punishment. Here in america, it seems, that a majority of teenage girls think that having sex with a person 4-6 years older then them is normal and legal.

    It’s romance, it’s pleasure, the sex felt good—period, case closed. It must be because americans are too open about their sexuality that it promotes the younger generation to think that this kind of thing is normal and reporting it is no big deal and futile and fruitless.

    In the end, I believe Teen magazines with titles such as, “How to Fuck HIM,” being freely sold to female teenager is what promotes most of these. They’re written by 30 or somewhat aging women with years and years of sex, bad relationships, and maybe a lot of goatsee action too, then they give tips to these young hapless girls. Telling them to do what the miserable women have done throughout their lives until they started making fucking good money washing younger generation into HOW TO have sex when at 10 year old!