Life Imitates Eroge: Lady Teacher Fired For Pupil Sex

Life Imitates Eroge: Lady Teacher Dismissed Over Pupil Sex - みぶなつき

A female teacher (28) who had sexual relations with a male pupil (14), has been subjected to disciplinary dismissal from the middle school where she taught. The unfortunate pair somehow managed to get exposed when they visited a hotel for some distinctly private tutelage.

We hear from the Hokkaido Board of Education that she got to know her erstwhile pupil through the school basketball club, and their relations soon took on a more intimate tone, with regular exchanges of mail from December onwards, culminating in March in the hotel scene. Via Jiji.

Hopefully the young lad remembered to save his game before the hotel scene…

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  • Anonymous says:

    If it mutual why make all that ruckus?!

    As I see it, “child protection laws” are nothing but an instrument to control the sexuality of children.
    Of course you have to protect them from forced sex, but those laws forbid them to have any sexual relationship at all.
    It’s ridiculous that even when two minors have sex together that they’d be prosecuted.
    Worst of all, we even view this state as normal.
    A few centuries ago it was normal for girls to marry someone at the age of 14 with the bridegroom being a bit older (but that’s a distortion created by society as well).
    Nature invented something to show us we are ready for sexual relationships: Puberty.
    And we think we live in an age of sexual freedom….

    • The problem is that while we got more conservative on the edge of letting someone enter a relationship with another, we show them (through all this damn porn and perverted sh!t) that intercourse doesn’t have anything to do with relationships.

      + the younger people are not major enough to conclude that a relationship revolves around sex nowadays(at this point I have to state that nearly noone today [around 99% of the young people,{which includes you,who reads this,too} in the industrial nations] is major in any way,people are stuck in puberty for all their lives and can’t control their urges just like wild animals, so the people criticising such behaviour are,in most cases, exactly the same as those two here, the only difference is that the one relationship abides the age-rule whilst the other 1 doesn’t).

      Too bad the Aufklärung(or the Enlightenment) already took place in the 17th and 18th century,we need another one for the people today to have them come to their senses to prevent any further devolution of our society into the direction of Sodom & Gomorrah…

  • lol my classmate who was 14(male) at the time, boned the gym teacher.

    you’d think cool, awesome etc.

    teacher was fugly. slutty but fugly. in a bad way…

    these stories need pix or just ignore it

  • SorataYuy says:

    Why it’s “different” when it’s younger female/older male vs. older female/younger male:

    Older male, the majority of the time, really is just looking to score ‘some tail’ and wants something ‘young and supple.’ Basically, the older male is going through a symptom or two of a mid-life crisis, and wants to be seen as a ‘hot stud-muffin’ again. As well, younger female brings up the issue of might(depends on the case) be emotionally ready for sex, but who knows about physically.

    Thing for it being a younger male is that while when young, we guys might not exactly be aware of 100% of the whole emotional issue that comes along with sex, there’s at least rather little question of how consentual it was. Basically, “our bodies are ready and want it now, and if a hot older woman is offering, we’ll take it!” – could about sum up the younger male viewpoint. The thing for the older woman tends to be not that she’s a “virgin-killer” or “out to victimize or molest” a younger guy, either. Hell, most of the time for her, it’s about being wanted and feeling attractive again, two things she knows she’s pretty damn likely to get from said younger guys.

    So in the end, it serves two different needs. Older men – a bit of a shallow need that, if you examine properly, means they’re still stuck on who they used to be instead of getting used to and accepting who they’ve become, and thus thinking about it in the new light.
    Older women – serves an emotional need that for various reasons(sometimes -because- the guys their age are trying to score younger tail, instead of appreciating what’s right there in their faces), just aren’t being met.

    • Bullshit. Just because the guy is older doesn’t mean it’s always a midlife crisis. A guy can actually love the younger girl as well. That’s just assumptions you’re going by and not every man is like that.

    • Anonymous says:

      she could have had a shota fetish. also, some 14 year olds can possess qualities that a lot of men over 18 can’t. One thing I remember about being 14, or even 11, is that I could get erect and even cum just by looking at something hot, and it felt way more awesome than it does these days. Being fresh off puberty is awesome, especially if you end up in this kid’s situation, lol…. especially if she was hot :O