Tsundere Slots


“I-It’s not made for you or anything, OK!?” – slots and similar games can now be enjoyed with the added spice of tsundere moe, as gaming machine company Techno-Top is set to provide a Tsundere version of its “Tekichu” gaming/gambling machine. The machine’s voicing is providing by tsundere queen 釘宮理恵/Rie Kugimiya, a seiyuu who is not lacking in experience in these roles.

In case you’re wondering just what on earth this “event machine” is, it is basically a slot/arcade machine with various gambling style games for prizes, for installation in shops, parties, events, etc.

Looks like it can be yours for a mere ¥200,000 or so. Some movies of the games are here, though the tsundere version is not yet featured, and see here for a glimpse of the machine itself.

Via NekoAreBlog.

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