Kids Get AV Sex Education

Kids Get AV Sex Education

An elementary school outing for a class of 32 to a zoo turned out to be highly educational, in a quite unintended fashion, when the man showing them slides of animals managed to show them some of the adult video he had stashed on the PC serving up the slides.

The excuse offered for the blunder was that the work PC was unavailable, so the employee had to use his personal PC, which like most personal PCs in Japan, has a certain clearly defined function. The impact of the story is sadly diminished when we also hear that the children were only treated to 2 seconds of playback before the incompetent employee scrambled to shut it off, in a spectacle which must have made an entertaining sight indeed.

The employee has been given a stern talking to, and the zoo concerned offers up apologies and assurances that such an incident will not happen again. Via Sankei.

The children must have been delighted, although regular exposure to JAV will doubtless soon cure them of that.


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