Mocked Man Mows Down Line of Children in Car


A man (32) was so enraged at allegedly being pointed at and laughed at by a group of young boys that he decided to plough his car into them as revenge.

Fortunately his driving skills seem to leave something to be desired, as we hear the children, one as young as 6, escaped major injury, suffering only cuts and bruises; the man was promptly arrested for attempted murder. He apparently drove past them at first, but then backed up to get a good run at them.

“They pointed at me, laughed at me, so I thought I’ll kill them all for it” is his justification for attempting to run down the line of children, although people at the school say the children didn’t actually do anything. Via Yomiuri.

Sounds like mental illness, though we can only hope this man has never set eyes on a copy of GTA in his life.


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