Bust Up Busts in $8,000,000 Scam

Bust Up Busts in $8,000,000 Scam - Final Japan\'s Up Gold Impact scam ended

“Just take three and you’ll be a D-cup in no time!” – A company selling purportedly breast enhancing supplements, in fact just worthless capsules, has finally been subjected to the full force of the law for a score of violations of Japan’s pharmaceutical laws; CEO Mayumi Akashi (41), along with four accomplices, were arrested, but do not so far admit to there being any doubts over their product’s efficacy. We do not hear what size she was.

Over several years the company, Final Japan, sold the “Up Gold Impact” supplements (at about ¥10,000 a bottle) to some 43,000 women throughout Japan, with sales of about ¥830,000,000. The pills did apparently contain a few herbal sounding ingredients.

The terrifying wonders of photoshop, as well as simply wearing very tight tops, were apparently amongst the techniques used to produce the images in the sales literature (above); in addition to these efforts, manufactured reports on the Internet and advertising across all mediums were employed to boost sales.

All this was aided by a “Coordinator Office”, where apparently dozens of employees worked to allay any concerns of ineffectiveness amongst current or prospective customers, with the pills being presented essentially as a panacea for those with breast inadequacy fears.

Thanks to a vigourous commission based pay system, we hear of employees earning tens of thousands of dollars a month, with correspondingly little concern for marketing ethics. Apparently this was facilitated by the pills being sold for ten times their cost price, an enviable margin, which perhaps can only compare to mineral water in brazenness. Via Sankei.

I can’t help but wonder if this sort of fuss would be made over a company selling penis enhancing pills – more likely it would be the buyers suffering scorn, rather than the sellers, and quite rightly so. Surely, such gullible idiots deserve as much contempt as the charlatans selling them their fix for broken self esteem?

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