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Girl Kills Self Due to “Die!” Comment on Blog


A 16 year old girl committed suicide, hanging herself, apparently in response to a “Die!” comment on her blog, leaving little doubt as to her motivation with a will laying stating her pains. She was said to be in shock after some earlier problems with classmates, and was taking a break from school, so it may be that this was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

This comes after some concern over “学校裏サイト”, or unofficial and distinctly unregulated sites operated in relation to schools, which have also become a medium for bullying and the like.

Measures seem likely to be strengthened against such sites if they continue to be blamed for suicides and related incidents (a variety of other strange incidents stemming from them abound), though it has to be said that the “bullying” (if posting random comments on a blog can be called this) is hardly something which is conducted exclusively, or even commonly, online.

Via Mainichi, English here.

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