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Soul Calibur IV to Have Strippable Characters


It seems one of the new additions to Soul Calibur IV will be the ability for characters to lose clothing (“armour”) as battle damage. The pictures and videos (below) seem unambiguous in showing a variety of characters, male and female, suffering clothing destruction to varying degrees.

Soul Calibur IV to Have Strippable Characters (Armour Battle Damage)





An interesting feature, though one I’m sure Namco intend to carry off tastefully (ever notice how skirted female characters close their legs when KO’ed?). That said, some of the characters have little enough clothing to lose…

So will Vader and Yoda be strippable? What about Astaroth and Voldo? More importantly for players outside Japan, will this functionality be included in the international release? There is no evidence either way so far (assuming the screens come from the Japanese version), but the recent censorship of the NA character artwork is less than promising in this regard.

Video here (hard to make much out though), analysis here.

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