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McDonald’s Groper – Yet Another Principal


“An evil influence came over me”. A man (62), who brazenly put his hand up a high schooler’s skirt and fondled her in the middle of a McDonald’s, was also a former principal, the latest in a string of such crimes perpetrated by school heads.

The former head master, now working as a counsellor, apparently forced himself upon a 16 year old girl on the second floor of a McDonald’s, and was soon arrested after a pair of high school boys witnessed the crime and reported it to police. At first he denied the crime, but soon admitted it with the pathetic excuse of an “evil influence”.

Further investigation revealed that, like so many of these deranged old men, this was not his first such act – the year before he apparently forced himself upon one of his counselees, who offered a plaintive report of the incident: “He was a respectable teacher so I put up with it”. He has been charged with this crime as well. Via Sankei.

Mere coincidence, or is there a reason for such a string of offences in so short a time?


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