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Corpse Carver was Erogame Otaku

Corpse Carver was Erogame Otaku

Takanori Hoshijima, who murdered his neighbour and hacked apart her remains to flush into the sewers, now has an even more odious mark against his name (for the mass media and politicians at least); a close acquaintance of his alleges he “had no interest in girls other than 2D ones” and that after moving to Tokyo he sunk into an obsessive fascination with adult games, such that he lost all interest in any other type of girl.

We also hear this was not his only eccentricity; apparently he exhibited some strange behaviour in commuting to and from work, relying on expensive taxis and tipping the change, with the result that his monthly taxi bill of some ¥120,000 even exceeded his rent of ¥90,000.

All quite unusual behaviour in Tokyo, where the commuter rail system is comprehensive and tipping uncommon.

The article speculates “Was she a victim of a ‘dangerous otaku’ who lost sight of the real and the virtual?”, and we will likely hear more of this sort of scapegoating if the story proves credible, which seems quite probable.

Expect to hear from Madoka Yoriko on this soon. Via Itainews.

One question remains: if he had only eyes for 2D girls, why murder a 3D one?

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