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Pupil Sex Blackmail Principal “OK With Killing”

Pupil Sex Blackmail Principal “OK With Killing”

A former high school principal (56) who tried to blackmail a former pupil (now in her 20s), with whom he enjoyed sexual relations with, has had his day in court, after arrest for his crimes. He was apparently enraged when the lady refused to restart their carnal relations, and so began a campaign of threats to force her into submission, to which she, to her credit, remained resolute against.

The charming man, when spurned by the young lady after trying to reconnect, had some interesting remarks in the course of his attempts to force her into sex with him: “If you won’t meet up with me I don’t know what I’ll do… I’m OK with killing people”, “I’ll send nude photos of you to your lover”, “I’ll expose our sexual past to your boyfriend”, I’m sure you get the picture.

Doubtless in an attempt to feign remorse for his illicit liaisons and subsequent inability to let sleeping dogs lie, his final statement to the court was: “She has a future, and I hope she recovers quickly and lives happily hereafter”. Trite words indeed.

The defence for their part rather optimistically tried to shift the blame onto the young lady for not keeping her promises, seeking only a dismissal and suspended sentence.

The prosecution was unforgiving: “His words were most base, and his attitude malign. It cannot be overlooked that he had ample chance to reflect on his actions in sending mails to her. To send such things from the very principal’s office shakes society’s faith in the school system”.

The verdict and presumable punishment is yet to be announced.

With the earlier news of a crazed upskirt voyeur deputy head, I couldn’t resist further besmirching the reputation of Japanese educators, such as it is, and not that I could do a better job than they themselves are doing.

What possesses these lecherous old men to act thus I can only speculate wildly at – were they born with black hearts, or did they become stained so through too many days spent leering at the fluttering skirts of young maidens?

Via Sankei.

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